Build Sustainable Circular Islands Around the World.


Living sustainably among mountains, sea, and city.

“Creating a positive cycle for the Earth from mountains, seas, and cities, leaving behind a better future.”

In the vision of a ‘Circular Island’ at PackAge+, the goal is to create a sustainable, long-term relationship between people and the environment. Through PackAge+’s circular packaging and systems, consumers and businesses can make more environmentally friendly choices. With the use of ReTissue, made from 100% recycled pulp, the dilemma between convenience and forest sustainability is eliminated. With eco-friendly cleaning products like ReChoose, which are considerate of marine ecology, our oceans can regain their natural blue splendor. With the sustainable living community ReMember, we amplify our impact for sustainability, collectively working towards building Taiwan’s very own Circular Island.

For the City


SDGs11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

We actively collaborate with various municipal governments to integrate PackAge+’s circular packaging systems into the urban circular economy. We currently have over 4,500 return points and 80+ e-commerce partners participating in our circular packaging initiative.

SGDs12: Responsible Consumption and Production

“Every purchase is a vote for the world you want!” Through crowdfunding, speaking engagements, and promoting diverse sustainability topics, we raise public awareness of the circular economy and encourage the practice of sustainable consumption in daily life.

650,000 pieces

of circular packaging in circulation.

Reduced 200,000 KG

of single-use packaging waste.

Reduced 50%

of packaging carbon emissions

For the Forest

SDGs13: Climate Action

In addition to reducing deforestation and ensuring forest sustainability, the production of recycled toilet paper can also reduce solid pollutants by 66%, greenhouse gases by 47%, air pollution by 28%, and water pollution by 33%. These are tangible actions taken to mitigate climate change.

SDGs15: Life on Land

We place great emphasis on forest sustainability and have launched ReTissue, a 100% recycled pulp toilet paper brand that doesn’t require cutting down trees, only planting them. We have also partnered with the international tree-planting organization ‘Trees for the Future.’ To date, nearly 90,000 trees have been planted, bringing new green hope to the Earth!

Planted nearly 90,000 green seeds.

Sold over 1.2 million packs of recycled toilet paper.

Reduced the cutting down of nearly 1 million trees.

For the Ocean


SDGs14: Life Below Water

We care deeply about the oceans, the cradle of life on Earth. That’s why we have developed ReChoose, an eco-friendly cleaning product line, with the aim of coexisting harmoniously with marine ecosystems, reducing ocean pollution, and promoting ecological restoration.

PackAge+ also calls on consumers to take real action and has collaborated with the environmental group “Taiwan Clean-Up” to organize beach cleanup events. We aim to implement plastic reduction and ocean-friendly practices in daily life.

Donated 30,000 dollars to support coral ecology.

R-PET containers reduce carbon emissions by 50%.

Organized beach cleanups to reduce 1,000 kilograms of marine waste.

A Win-win Circular Island

SDGs8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

We collaborate with social welfare organizations on cleaning recyclable packaging, providing stable job opportunities for vulnerable communities. Through meticulous quality control, we not only ensure that the recyclable packaging is thoroughly cleaned, but also enhance the sense of accomplishment and self-esteem among the youth, achieving a positive cycle of endless hope.

6 partner social welfare organizations

Over $150,000 in charitable donations

Supporting 32 individuals per month through employment

Taiwan’s No.1 Sustainable Circular Island is Building!

If you want to promote sustainable impact and achieve positive circulation among mountains, seas, and cities,

we need more than just PackAge+’s actions; we need everyone to join in,

together building a brighter, greener future for ourselves and future generations!

This captures the essence of your message, emphasizing the collective effort needed to achieve sustainability.